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After the last snowfall I decide to ride a fatbike to explore the neighborhood and test my new MYOG poggies.

I started riding the Sant Jacques path up to the Garcipollera Valley. When leave Castiello village the snow started to appear in the road.

In the track after Villanovilla there was perfect conditions to ride in the snow.

Huellas Fatbike Fatbike TracksCerca de Acín Near of Acín hamlet.


In the Larrosa’s track  the snow was deeper and deeper and the track steeper and steeper. But all effort had its reward, the views of the valley were awesome. 


Cogiendo altura sobre Larrosa View Point. Ciervo Garcipollera Bad luck pal!!Cerca del collado Near of the pass.


In the pass between the Garcipollera’s Valley and the Acumuer’s Valley the day is perfect, sun, no wind, an enjoyable day.


Sur Partacua Sur Partacua Ridge.Fatbike=exploración Fatbike=exploratión




I find a pair of deer crossing the track. I see a track off to my right that I never had explored it and after take a look to the map, here I go. Te weather is changing, fog and low temperature change the landscape. This track has too steep for snow conditions and have to push pretty.


This track takes Baraguas. In the return to civilization, the temperature rises, the snow melts. The mud appear…

Barro Mud



Here is the track, in summer It is a good ride too but be carefull with the mud.

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