We went to explore the neighborhood.

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We dont have too much time and we decided go to the Tena Valley to ride a nice trail in the feet of  Partacua’s ridge. Its a awesome landscape and very easy to ride. Doesn’t have too much steep climbs. The trail goes from Piedrafita de Jaca to Tramacastilla.


Fatbike Piedrafita de Jaca 01

Fatbike Alquiler Ciclogenesis Jaca


The day starts raining, but why not try it?. When I ride a fatbike i feel tireless, if you are shy this is not your bike, all the people will look you and will ask you for the bike.
The ride started with a little climb to the faunistic park of the Cuniacha. After that we enter in the snow zone, it was in good conditions to ride. We started to sweating when we arrived to Piedrafita’s lake. We took a break, drunk some water,  and continued with more funny fatbiking.


Surly Pugsley


Fatbike Jaca


Sierra de Partacua fatbiking

Fatbike Jaca


After some turns the snow started to be heavier and heavier, started to snow and we returned by the same track. Maybe we will return to complete the entire loop.

This is the  R3 of centro de btt del Alto Gallego.

Very nice end to the year 2013.


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