Jordan 2014. Space Odysee. Episode I

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After a long journey from Jaca to Madaba with, car, bus, train, airplane and taxi we are in Madaba. Nobody knows the bike weight until after you are carrying your bike in a box.
First problem, we don’t have Jordan dynar, we must change our Euros but the VISA has risen from 20JOD to 40 JOD and we don’t have enough Euros. There is a ATM in the airport that solves our the problem.
Taxi from Airport to Madaba cost us 22JOD.

Taxi aeropuerto-Madaba
Taxi airport-Madaba

We start pedaling after a big breakfast in the Black Iris Hotel (35 JOD double+breakfast) of Madaba. We ride to mount Nebo, from here Yahvé showed Moises the promise land.
We don’t see too much because the haze, moreover there is a lot of tourist that difficult to take landscape pictures (Ticket 1 JOD).




Dirty road to Dead Sea
Desert near Dead Sea

From this point starts the descending to the Dead Sea. Really It is a long downhill, with step slopes. Our track take some dirty roads that I had seen in the Bing pictures but we must to change our track because there is a rally race, what a coincidence!!!
We redo the track and continue till the road that bring us by the side of the Dead Sea to Wadi Mujib. This road goes by Hotel Resorts and it is very wavy. After the Hotels starts the places where the locals come to swim with snack bar in the sides of the road.

Nice rocks, boulder climber look.
The desert with water.
Hot, hot, hot!!!

During all of this track we see a lot of tomatoes, melons and water melons fields and its sellers. For the first day it is enough, we decide to sleep in the Wadi mujib chalets(very expensive 70JOD, double+breakfast) because we want to swim in the dead sea and it is very important to take a shower after.

Difficult to sink
The rides waiting.


P.D: The kids don’t throw us stones.

I´m sorry for my poor English but I’m trying to improve it.
Thanks for reading it!!

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