Transnevada day 1 and 2.

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Where we go? What can we do? It is too late. Begins bad weather. Too few hours of daylight ?

These are all problems except one, have holidays and that is a solution for all.

We decided to go south looking for good weather and  Sierra Nevada is the best option. I also want snoop how it is a journey of several days trails ,signposted !   After undertake the long journey home Güejar Sierra , where we intend to begin the route , we started pedaling at 5 pm, more or less. For warm up, a good steep pass road that is not difficult but we have meals for 4 days. After the pass we expect a long descent to Tocon where we fill water bottles and started looking for a place to camp as the night draws near. We found a place near of the road but the next day we realized that if we had gone a little further was much better and more remote sites of the road.    After finishing the pass early in the morning we start a long descent to put us in the northern part of Sierra Nevada. Here begin a climb – down entertained by fields. Once past the last village the next day we headed to the top of the mountain . Here begins the saw tooth profile that will accompany us almost daily . ; )


The steep start.


First stealth camping.


After the long descent


more or less  flat.
Our second night.
Water, filter is a good option.


There is the track of half and first day. Be carefull with the water near the end of the days.



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